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Budget friendly opportunities for small businesses and start-ups

We are currently in a state where lockdowns are being loosened and businesses such as restaurants, clothing stores, gyms, etc. are able to open up again.

Even if the opening hours may still be limited, it’s time to show the communities that “You are still here!”

This does not require an expensive marketing campaign. We all know how funny money is at the moment. Instead, we can embrace new opportunities and take a step out into the remaining year of 2021. Let’s move forward!

After my employment came to an end due to the pandemic, I decided to continue my work being self- employed.

I was working as an event manager for 15+ years and later educated myself in digital marketing.

I worked for smaller and bigger companies in B2B and B2C environments.

A few things came to my mind during this pandemic about smaller businesses:

their success impacts our communities, and they can tremendously benefit from digital marketing.

If you think that you can’t beat big retailers or brands like amazon or H&M, etc. let me tell you that there are ways to win online as a small business.




When creating a digital marketing plan, this can be executed successfully on a budget. Patience and the right plan are all it takes.

The opportunities that digital marketing is offering are available to business owners who are interested in maintaining their budget and growing their business.

  • Get involved in Facebook community groups.
  • Take a closer look at your website.
  • Consider Google local service ads.
  • Use social media for sales.
  • Collect or nurture customers.
  • Regularly review your google analytics.

If you are curious about the impact it can have on your business, let’s have a chat!